Onslow Surgical Clinic offers a wide variety of surgical services so we can best serve the Onslow community. We use the latest in medical science and technology, and our surgeons are board-certified experts in their field. When combined with our patient-centered approach, we offer our patients a comfortable, proven path to minimize disruption in their lives and as close a return to normalcy and good health as possible.

Typically centralized around the abdominal area, general surgery covers a scope of procedures that aim to repair organs in the torso and abdominal regions. The Onslow Surgical Clinic offers specialized procedures for the breast, colon, soft tissue, small intestines, and stomach.

Laparoscopic Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that requires only a few small incisions and is performed with the aid of thin instruments and a slender video camera. The video camera transmits an image of the abdominal organs onto a screen, becoming the surgeon’s eyes during the procedure. Laparoscopic technology has many benefits over traditional, larger incisions. Patients experience less pain, less scarring, and faster recoveries. The surgical team at Onslow Surgical Clinic is trained in a variety of laparoscopic procedures, including Gallbladder, Hernia, Appendicitis, Adrenal Disease, and other ailments affecting the abdominal organs.

Cancer is the rapid and uncontrollable growth of abnormal or malignant cells in the body. At Onslow Surgical Clinic, our surgeons provide a thorough and knowledgeable evaluation of cancerous symptoms and growth to ensure the safest possible method of removal. Our surgical staff is experienced in the field of cancer surgery and focused on treating abnormalities in the breast, thyroid, colon, and rectal areas.

Thanks to our affiliation with Onslow Memorial Hospital, we can offer da Vinci robotic surgery to our patients. Using this system, we can provide the most effective, least invasive treatment for a wide range of complex conditions. This means our patients have shorter hospital stays, less pain and scarring, and recover much faster.

We are currently offering Gallbladder, Inguinal, and Ventral hernia surgeries. We plan to offer Single Incision, Colon/rectal, and Foregut Surgery soon. It’s just one of the many ways we are offering the latest technologies to get the best results for our patients.

Whether a quick in-office procedure to remove varicose veins, or a more technical surgery for arterial blockage, Onslow Surgical Clinic provides the services our patients need to achieve overall vein and blood vessel health.

Skin “lumps and bumps”, clinically referred to as skin lesions, are very common among all age groups, especially those with extensive sun exposure. Some of the lesions, based on their appearance, or their recent change in size or color, may be considered “suspicious” and it’s recommended that the lesion undergo biopsy for diagnosis or complete removal. Biopsies or complete removal of appropriate lesions can be performed right in our office under local anesthesia usually in less than 30 minutes. Patients can typically go right back to their previous activities, with little or no pain.