CanĀ­cer Surgery

Cancer is the rapid and uncontrollable growth of abnormal or malignant cells in the body. At Onslow Surgical Clinic, our surgeons provide a thorough and knowledgeable evaluation of cancerous symptoms and growths to ensure the safest possible method of removal. Our surgical staff is experienced in the field of cancer surgery, focused on treating abnormalities in the breast, thyroid, colon and rectal areas.

Onslow Surgical Clinic provides a variety of options for breast cancer removal and prevention including lumpectomies, mastectomies, lymph node removal, and breast reconstruction. An evaluation will be performed to determine which procedure is appropriate.

Surgery is often the main treatment for earlier stages of colorectal cancers, removing a portion of the colon, nearby lymph nodes, or superficial polyps. Procedures include open and laparoscopic colectomies, polypectomies, and resectioning. Onslow Surgical Clinic provides extensive evaluations and consultations for our patients to determine the best option for treatment.

Located at the base of your throat, the thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that wraps around your windpipe. Its main purpose is to regulate body functions like heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and metabolism. Thyroid cancer is a slow developing disease that typically begins as a nodule or growth on the thyroid. Although it can affect any gender or age group, the disease is most commonly found among women over age 30.

Depending on the severity of the cancer, most surgeons and endocrinologists recommend one of three types of removal surgery: Total thyroidectomy, to remove the entire gland; Near-total thyroidectomy, to remove a majority of the gland; or a Thyroid lobectomy to remove only a small portion (lobe) of the thyroid gland. Every patient at Onslow Surgical Clinic is given and evaluation and consultation to map out the appropriate procedure based on their needs.